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Personal Loans

Personal Loans offered by Royal Bank America are a truly flexible financing option for most any need.For those who qualify, we offer variable and fixed-rate loans from $500 up to $15,000.

• Simplified application process with no application or closing fees.
• Fast approvals.
• No collateral requirements.
• Competitively priced compared to most retail/store credit card rates.
• Reduced interest rate for loyal customers with direct debit from their Royal consumer checking account.
• Can be used to provide overdraft protection

(with Direct Debit from Royal Bank America account* | No Annual Fee | No Application Fee)

Amount Financed APR (Variable^)
$500 – $15,000 9.00% (prime + 5.50%)

Floor rate: 6.50%. Maximum rate: 18%.
Minimum payment: $20 (monthly payment will include interest accrued for the month plus a principal reduction equal to 2% of the balance).
*If Royal Bank America consumer checking account or direct debit are terminated, line will convert to an unsecured term loan at current term loan rates with an amortization period of not more than 5 years. ^Variable rate is based on Wall Street Journal Prime (3.50% as of 12/17/15) and is subject to change.

(with Direct Debit from Royal Bank America account** | No Application Fee)

Term Amount Financed APR (Fixed)
12-36 Months $500-$2,500 13.24%
12-36 Months $2,600-$15,000 10.49%
37-60 Months $2,600-$15,000 11.49%

**Rates as shown with direct debit from a Royal Bank America consumer checking account. Rates without direct debit from a Royal Bank America consumer checking account are plus 3.00%.

Interest rates and annual percentage rates are subject to change and are accurate as of April 1, 2014. All loans are subject to credit approval by Royal Bank America. All rates shown are Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

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