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Online Bill Pay

Log into your online banking account using your online id and password.

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Click on the “Accounts” tab.

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To pay your bills follow the steps below:

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Choose the account you wish to use to pay your bill and then the “Bill Payments” option.

1. In Pay From, select the account from which to withdraw funds for the payments. To make an account your default selection, select Make Preferred Account.
Note: If you want to pay your bills from more than one account, pay your bills from the account you selected first, and then select another account and pay bills from it.
2. Find the bill you want to pay.
3. Enter the amount you want to pay.
Tip: When you enter an amount, Bill Pay automatically displays the earliest date the biller will receive the payment without incurring expedited payment fees. You can either accept this date and skip the next step, or you can change the date.
4. Review the pay date, which is the earliest date the biller can receive your payment without incurring expedited payment fees. You can accept the date or change it. When you schedule an expedited payment, you are accepting the associated fee. If the payment will be delivered by an overnight delivery service, you enter the address for overnight delivery on the Review Payments page.
5. Repeat the previous steps for each bill you want to pay (up to a maximum of 30).
6. Click Make Payments. Your payment info appears on the Review Payments page.

To review and confirm your payments:
1. Review your payment info. The Review Payments page shows the total amount for all payments you just made, including any fees for expedited payments.
2. If the Memo box appears, you can enter additional info to send with your payment (up to 34 characters). The memo is printed on the check that Bill Pay sends to the biller. The Memo box only appears if Bill Pay sends the payment by check.
3. If you’re scheduling an Overnight Check payment, type the address your biller uses for overnight deliveries and click Save Address.
Note: You must enter a street address in the continental U.S. The address cannot be a PO box, military address (APO or FPO), or address in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.
4. Click Submit Payments. The Payment Confirmation page displays the confirmation numbers automatically assigned to each of your payments.
5. Click Note to add descriptive info to keep on file with the payment (up to 256 characters). You can add a note to any payment in Bill Pay. The note isn’t sent with the payment.
6. Click Print to print your payment confirmation.
7. Click Finished. The Payment Center opens.
Tip: You can find the bills you just paid listed in the Pending Payments section of the Payment Center and the Payment Assistant. When the payments are processed, they appear in the Recent Payments section.

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