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Connected To Our Communities

Driven by the enthusiasm and energy of our employees, Royal Bank America endeavors to be truly connected to the communities we serve. Through commitments of time and resources, we have helped strengthen missions which directly impact our neighborhoods and raise the quality of life for many. Shown below are the logos of a few of the groups we have supported with financial gifts and, in many cases, the time and talents of our employees.

CommunityConnections_Startup01 CommunityConnections_Startup02 CommunityConnections_Startup03

Learn more about StartUp Corps.

CommunityConnections_Mighty01 CommunityConnections_Mighty02 CommunityConnections_Mighty03

Learn more about Mighty Writers.


Learn more about Community First Fund.

CommunityConnections_Alex01 CommunityConnections_Alex02 CommunityConnections_Alex03

Learn more about Alex’s Lemonade Stand

CommunityConnections_Homers01 CommunityConnections_Homers02 CommunityConnections_Homers03

Learn more about Homers For Hope

CommunityConnections_MLK01 CommunityConnections_MLK02 CommunityConnections_MLK03

Learn more about MLK Day of Service

CommunityConnections_CTC01 CommunityConnections_CTC02 CommunityConnections_CTC03

Learn more about Cradles To Crayons

Community-Connections-Thumbs-Salvation01 Community-Connections-Thumbs-Salvation02 Community-Connections-Thumbs-Salvation03

Learn more about Salvation Army

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